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[Content Freelancer] Eco-friendly Drinking Straws Topic

[Content Freelancer] Eco-friendly Drinking Straws Topic

Hết hạn tuyển dụng

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 20221201

HR TopOnSeek

Job Description

  • Write SEO articles based on the provided outline
  • Topic: Eco-friendly Drinking Straws
  • Common language: English
  • Number of words/article: 1000 - 2000
  • Required number of articles: At least one article per day


  • The content must be UNIQUE 100%
  • Requirements on writing style:
    • Friendly and natural
    • Ensure the tone of PR/marketing for products
    • Ensure the NATIVE WRITING STYLE for the article
    • Ensure an attractive sapo - avoid duplicate content among articles' sapo
  • Other requirements:
    • Limit using long sentences
    • Ensure correct grammar
    • Avoid using CTA such as: "Scroll down to learn more....; Let's read the article..."
    • Avoid essay writing style: "This article will give you.../In this article, we'll..."


  • Be well-paid in accordance with effort and dedication (Salary will be discussed).
  • Payment term: by month.

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